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Appium Online Training

Duration: 25-30 hours

Appium Job Support Call or whatsapp: +91 8218797122

Course Content

Appium Online Training

Automation Testing Introduction, Environment Setup and Tools

  • Introduction to Testing

  • Introduction to Automation Testing

  • Types of Automation Tools: Functional, Performance etc

We will also cover any programming language basics for appium

Introduction to Appium & Mobile automation Testing

  • Introduction to Mobile automation testing

  • Appium APIs

  • Automation for IOS and Android devices

  • Running the scripts on Emulators

  • Running the scripts on Real devices

  • Various tools available for Mobile automation testing

  • Understanding the API Levels and Appium Concepts

  • Client/Server Architecture, Session, Desired Capabilities, Appium Server and Appium Clients

Installing JDK, Maven and Android SDK

  • Everone aware about installation

  • If you need help contact us

  • Basic installation for Appium on Windows

  • Basic installation for Appium on Mac

Android ADB commands

  • ADB commands

  • Starting the Appium server programmatically

UI Automator Viewer

  • Opening UIAutomator Viewer through SDK tools kit

  • Understanding different locator strategies

  • Taking the Device screenshot

  • Device screenshot with Compressed hierarchy

  • Understanding the different locator tags

Appium Inspector

  • What is Appium Inspector?

  • How and when to run it?

  • Record and Play using Appium Inspector

  • Locating elements with the help of Appium Inspector

  • Inspector will only run with active session

Object Locators and Techniques

  • Locating Elements on the App

  • What all can be locatable

  • Locating elements within elements

  • Locating multiple elements

  • Find Element By Android UIAutomator

  • Exploring UIAutomator API

  • Finding Elements by ClassName

  • Finding Elements by ids

  • Finding Elements by Xpaths

  • Using different functions inside UIAutomator class

  • Exercises

Testing Android Native, Hybrid & Web Apps on Windows

  • Native App Test – Making a call with Internal Dialer Application

  • Native App Test – Adding a new contact to Phonebook

  • Native App Test – Sending SMS from a real device

  • Native App Test – Automating a standard App

  • TouchActions and Events – Handling user gestures

  • WebApp Test – Automating Web based testing on Chrome Browser

  • Hybrid App Test – Automating the mobile messaging app

Test Framework

  • TestNG Introduction

  • TestNG Annotations

  • Difference between JUnit and TestNG

  • Pom model

  • Data driven framework


  • Initialize repo

  • Commiting code

  • Modifying code and merge conflict resolution

  • Branch creation


  • Running your code with Jenkins

  • Connect GIT repo with Jenkins

  • Plugins

  • Report generation

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