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Selenium Online Training

Duration: 25-30 hours

Selenium Job Support Call or whatsapp: +91 8218797122

Course Content

Selenium Online Training

Introduction to Automation

  • What is Automation Testing?

  • Advantages & Limitations of Automation Testing

  • Automation Criteria (Automate or Not)

  • Web Applications and Test Automation for Web Applications

Introduction to Selenium 3 & 4 and WebDriver

  • Introducing Selenium

  • Selenium IDE

  • Selenium RC

  • Selenium Web Driver

  • Selenium Grid

  • Supported Browsers

JAVA, Eclipse IDE and TestNG

  • Installation of Eclipse (for Selenium Programming in JAVA)

  • Usage of Eclipse

  • Sample JAVA Program to Get Hands on Eclipse

  • Running & Debugging JAVA Programs

  • TestNG Basics

  • TestNG Usage with Selenium

  • TestNG on JUnit

Selenium IDE

  • Basic Usage

Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC

  • How Selenium Server Works

  • Selenium Configuration with Eclipse

  • GUI Locators (By ID, By Name, By Link etc)

  • X-PATH and Different Techniques

  • X-Path Absolute, Relative, Attributes

  • Selenium WebDriver

  • Writing WebDriver scripts

  • Hands on WebDriver Commands

  • Running Tests on Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome

  • Reporting & Verifying Results

  • Debugging Selenium Tests

Automation Framework Development & Usage

  • Creation of Framework

  • Usage of Framework

  • Sample Project Implementation using the Framework

  • Framework Advantages (Keyword Driven, Maintainability, Reusability)

  • Data Driving in Selenium with Excel files (Data Driven Framework)

Selenium Grid

  • Selenium Grid Overview

  • Setting up Selenium Grid

  • Grid as Collection of Selenium Server nodes

  • Running tests using Selenium Grid


  • Initialize repo

  • Commiting code

  • Modifying code and merge conflict resolution

  • Branch creation

CI CD pipeline

  • Introduction

  • Jenkins usage

  • Jenkins admin things

  • Nodes

  • Hub and Node concept

  • Pipeline

  • Run automation suite on Jenkins

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