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Introduction to Selenium Testing Job Support

Selenium Testing Job Support by QA Job Support provides an open-source functional automation tool. Testing is mainly divided into two streams one is functional and another one is non-functional. The functional part contains two things which are manual testing and automation testing. Selenium Testing Job Support will help to reduce the time, cost-effective, maintain accuracy which means the same scripts can be executed again and again in the same manner because scripts are repeatable. It also helps to identify the bugs and the end result will be quality.

Why Selenium Testing Job Support?

Now, these days’ people are converting from QTP to Selenium and most of the companies are using selenium. Selenium Testing Job Support can be defined as a collection of software or software tools for automating the web browsers.

  • Selenium is an open source platform for testing means it is absolutely free. If you have one system with internet connection then you can download entire the selenium-related files.

  • Selenium has a language compatibility feature which makes it support multiple languages such as Java, Perl, PHP, Python, C-sharp, Ruby and HTML. It means you can choose any language from these languages to write the scripts.

  • It also has browser compatibility feature which makes it support many browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. These means it can run on all the latest versions of these browsers.

  • Selenium Testing Job Support comes with platform independent quality that supports various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux etc. All the versions of these operating platforms are eligible to run the selenium testing.

  • It is used for web applications as well as for mobile applications also. It does not support directly the desktop applications like windows based applications.

  • For example, there is a web application with desktop components and it needs to be automated. So there is a tool called Sikuli which is a GUI automation tool and can be used as an add-on to selenium to handle the desktop components.

  • It is flexible as well as extendable means it supports multiple languages, multiple browsers, and multiple operating systems and it is very reusable.

  • Our Job support service is also available for Manual Testing Job Support which means It does not use any tool to test the application and it a testing process done by the test engineer who directly interacts with an application to find out any bugs or errors in that application.

Benefits of Selenium Testing Job Support

In manual testing, our main activity is written the test cases and these test cases will be manually executed by the test engineer. In automation testing, all the manual test cases will be converted to test scripts with the help of some tool which can be selenium or QTP or RFT or Ranorex etc in Selenium Testing Job Support.

There are various components are available in selenium to automate any web application and mobile application which are:

  • Selenium IDE

  • Selenium RC

  • Selenium Webdriver

  • Selenium Grid

  • Selendroid

  • Appium

Selenium IDE

  • Selenium IDE can be called as Selenium Integrated Development Environment. The main purpose of Selenium IDE is for recording and running the scripts.

  • The test cases such as login, compose, register, send mail etc depend on the applications can be recorded and after that, it can be executed.

  • It is Add-on for Firefox means you can download and install Selenium IDE in Firefox browser only.

  • This is why because it does not support other browsers but the scripts can be recorded in Firefox and if require it can be executed on other browsers with the help of RC or web driver.

  • Selenium IDE with Selenium Testing Job Support is limited to Firefox only and it is accountable for user actions means whatever the actions we are doing can be recorded and generates one script.

Selenium RC

  • Selenium Testing Job Support with RC stands for Selenium Remote Control and it is the selenium 1.

  • The main benefit of selenium RC is it acts as a server and it is responsible to serve the request.

  • It converts all the test cases into test scripts and after that RC will execute it.

  • It can also be defined as API means it acts as a mediator between your application and the script.

Selenium Webdriver

  • Selenium Webdriver is known as Selenium 2 and it is introduced to fulfill the requirements which are not available with selenium RC.

  • So the limitations which are identified in RC are overcome and also added some advantages in Webdriver.

  • Jenkins Job Support provided by QA job support is useful for Java developers who work on Java applications because Jenkins acts as automation software for Java to develop the java applications.

Selenium Grid

  • Suppose there is an application and it needs to be executed with many scripts in many browsers.

  • Generally, for each browser, it will take much time but by using grid we can execute all the scripts parallel on all the browsers. So the advantage is we can reduce as well as save the execution time.

  • With Selenium Testing Job Support Grid, we can use maximum five browsers at a time and launch parallel to execute the scripts on those browsers.

Selendroid and Appium

  • Suppose there is an application which needs to be tested on mobile.

  • So with the help of Selendroid that web application i.e. mobile web application can be tested on the Android operating system.

  • Appium is used to test the mobile application by using Android as well as IOS.

  • We provide Appium Job Support which is an open source framework or tool to perform automation of tests. It is used for automating mobile based software applications because it is developed to support both Android and IOS operating systems.

Overview of Selenium Testing Job Support:

QA job support provides Job Supports from India for all the software Technologies like Selenium Testing Job Support. We have technical consultants always available and ready to provide Technical assistance for any kinds of issues at your jobs. Our job support team understands the problems faced by the new joiners & also their struggle to solve technical issues because they have lack of exposure and less technical knowledge.

  • Are you a fresher who got the job recently or selenium?

  • Are you facing technical problems in completing the selenium Project in your Profession?

QA job support is most reliable and expert job support provider for Selenium Testing Job Support. We will take care of your project and technologies used; if we are 100% confident then we agree to support you.

Selenium Job Support | | Online job support sample video

Selenium Job Support | | Online job support sample video

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